About Holistic Health Alternatives & Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine views the patient as the most important member of the medical team. All safe and effective therapies are applied without subservience to any one school of medical thought.

Dawn Ewing is a board certified naturopath and doctor of integrative medicine. Her concern is not with diagnosing, treating or prescribing for disease as a conventional physician. Rather, it’s to help you gain a better understanding of your current degree of health and how natural practices may be used for self-care. Her goal: Give you the information and resources you seek in your quest to improve and sustain your health and well-being.

If you destroy your body, where will you live?

Dr. Dawn will look at your health by incorporating conventional, alternative, dental and spiritual observations. It is truly a HOLISTIC approach. You must accept responsibility for your health. Dr. Dawn can make suggestions, but ONLY YOU can make any changes required.

Accepting this responsibility is your first step towards improved health.

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