Fee Schedule

Phone consult$10 for the first 5 minutes, $2/minute thereafter
Initial consult$75
Consultation$50/half hour interval
MSA excretory routes$50 (does not include remedies)
MSA full screen$100 (does not include remedies)
MSA dental$150 (does not include the cost of panorex)
MSA compatibility$100
Bloodwork$50 (timelining at $25-50/hr)
Heavy metals hair analysis (kit)$100
Provocative Urine Testing (kit)$110
Thermography - initial breast, 12 images$175
Thermography - baseline breast, 6 images$150
Thermography - yearly breast, 6 images$175
Thermography - full body, 24-30 images$400
BTA test$150
BTA follow-up$60
Energy Balancer$55