Mercury Amalgam Removal “Pretox” Protocol

Where detox happens after you have your mercury amalgam fillings removed, “pretox” is what happens before – when you prepare your body for the procedure. It’s a critical part of the treatment process.

We recommend that you work on this with your healthcare practitioner. If you don’t have one, we can provide a generic kit. It includes 2 homeopathics, 1 tube of methyl B12 cream, and 9 packages of Lypo-Spheric vitamin C. This is enough for 3 dental visits.

This is NOT a chelation kit and DOES NOT replace metals toxicity testing.

The cost is $125 for the kit alone, $175 for the kit with a 30 minute consultation to discuss how to use the kit.

Pretox Protocol

You will need to start your “pretox” protocol at least 3 days before mercury removal and continue for 2 days after. Save the rest for future use.

Your focus is on strengthening key organs of elimination – the kidneys, liver, intestines, and skin, in particular. We are also concerned with the status of the mesenchyme – loosely organized, undifferentiated cells that give rise to structures such as connective tissue, blood, lymph, bone, and cartilage. (Other names for this area include ground substance, intracellular matrix, and biological terrain.)

Proper hydration is one of the best ways to keep your kidneys working their best. This means drinking water multiple times throughout the day, typically in 4 ounce increments. Overall, you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water. (A 100 pound person would drink 50 ounces a day; a 200 pound person, 100 ounces, and so on.) Minimize or avoid consumption of dehydrating beverages such as coffee. Also be aware that certain juices – celery, for instance – are diuretic in nature (making you have to “go” a lot, resulting in less water being absorbed by your body).

The drainage remedy included in the kit will assist in preparing and cleansing organs of elimination.


Use a dry brush over your entire body before showering or bathing.

The liver removes toxins in a two-step process. The first step often creates free radicals and may require an antioxidant – hence, the Lypo-Spheric vitamin C in the kit. The second step involves methylation – hence, the methyl cream. This cream contains two forms of vitamin B12 and a 5MTH folate that helps the many individuals who are genetically unable to remove mercury from the body efficiently. Using a cream means bypassing the liver to go straight into the body. Castor oil packs are also great for liver detoxification, as are coffee enemas. Milk thistle is an inexpensive herb that has healing properties for the liver.