Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA)

The human body is more than blood and bone. Down to the tiniest cell, it is suffused with energy. Think of how nerve endings fire in the brain and you’re aware of this electrical component of your being. Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) is a tool for measuring it, which in turn can give insight to the body’s current state of health.

Using a computerized ohmmeter to measure skin resistance at different acupuncture points on the body, MSA is a needle-free and repeatable way to determine where and to what degree energy is excessive, lacking or blocked. The program we use is Bio Energetic Stress Test, or BEST, which has been used in Germany since the 1940s and has recently become more widely available in the US.

There are several tests we regularly do:

  • Excretory Routes
    This 30 minute test measures energy on the 10 acupuncture points related to your ability to excrete toxins: lymphatics, lungs, large intestine, liver and kidney. If these routes are shut down, detox is impossible. You may succeed in moving toxins out of cells but not out of the body. They are simply reabsorbed.
  • 58 Point Full Screening
    This test takes about an hour and checks the body at a deeper level. It’s a good way to find out how much of a toxin burden you’re carrying and which organs seem most involved, stressed or weakened. The objective data also provides a window to disease progression, guiding the practitioner to the optimal homeopathic protocol. Initial consult/new patient visit required first.
  • Dental Screening
    Also lasting about an hour, this test checks burdens stemming from root canal teeth, crowns, fillings and extraction sites. It requires a current panorex of the oral cavity (less than 90 days old, with no dental work having been done in the interim).
  • Compatibility of Dental Materials
    This test is used to identify your sensitivity to different dental materials, allowing your dentist to choose those best suited to you. It lasts about a half hour and covers anesthetics, cements, composites, metals, denture materials and more.