Other Evaluations & Testing

Bloodwork Insights

Labs get their averages from clients they serve, most of whom are sick. This means the “optimal” ranges they identify aren’t for healthy but ill individuals. It also means every lab has a different range. Dr. Dawn’s standard is healthy people, and in analyzing your results, she can find the patterns of highs and lows that paint a distinct picture of your current health situation. With access to past lab results, she can expand that picture into a veritable mural by charting the patterns and changes over time. Learn more about getting bloodwork.

Provocative Urine Testing

After taking a substance to help move heavy metals out of your cells, a sample of your urine is collected over 6 hours and a sample of that is sent out for testing. Unlike hair analysis, this test doesn’t show which metals you are able to excrete but which are locked into the body. Learn more about heavy metals testing.

Hair Analysis for Heavy Metal Excretion

This is NOT your regular hair test.

Many people cannot excrete mercury into their hair. This non-invasive test shows what your body is able to excrete by measuring for 20 heavy metals in a sample of your hair. If your urine challenge shows high levels of mercury but your hair does not, it’s a bad sign. If levels are high in urine, we want to see them high in hair, as well. Learn more about heavy metals testing.


This urinalysis checks 13 categories for information about possible infection, tissue degeneration, liver, kidney and diabetic problems. Specific gravity can give insight to digestive issues; pH, to problems with acidity or alkalinity.