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Let the Tooth Be Known, 3rd edition

By Dawn Ewing, RDH, PhD, ND

Are your teeth making you sick? This helpful guide will introduce you to key links between oral and systemic health. Learn about the risks of mercury amalgam fillings, gold crowns and dentures. Explore the problem of root canals, cavitations and other hidden sources of infection. Find out what your dentist should do to keep you safe.

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Let the Tooth Be Known, paperback

We have a limited number of copies of the second edition paperback still available.

$22.00 (includes shipping within the US)

Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health DVD

This half hour video explores the trouble with root canals and other dental burdens that can impact your overall health.

$10.00 (includes shipping within the US)

Dental Meridian Chart


A laminated 11 x 17” chart displaying the relationships between the teeth and other bodily organs.

$25.00 (includes shipping within the US)

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