Breast Thermography

Normal Thermal Changes When you come in for your initial breast thermography scans, we will take several additional images at no extra charge: head, neck, and upper back. These will give you information on the state of your sinuses, TMJ, thyroid, carotid artery and more. We take 12 scans in all at this first visit.

We recommend a second set of 5 scans be taken 90 to 180 days later. If the thermal patterns for your breasts remain the same, this will establish your baseline. After this, annual scans are recommended.

Important Information about Your Thermography Scans

After we take your thermography images, we send them to Electronic Medical Interpretation – just like a doctor taking an x-ray may send it to a radiologist for interpretation.

MDs who are trained to read thermographic images create a report that goes directly to you. All EMI doctors are licensed radiologists, oncologists, OB/GYNs, or family practice physicians.

No one in this office sees or reads these reports – although if you have a full body series done, we will ask for a copy so we can help you decipher the findings. There is just so much information. It can really be overwhelming!

You should share your reports with your MD, DO, or DC so they can interpret the findings and order additional testing if needed (e.g., blood work, doppler, ultrasound, EKG, etc.).

Although these reports are not designed for self-care, we urge you to read your report so you can have the fullest possible understanding of your current health.