Dawn Ewing RDH, L-EMT-P, CCT, DNM, PhD

Registered Dental Hygienist (University of Texas School of Dental Hygiene, 1977)
Licensed Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (Houston Community College, 1986)
PhD in Holistic Nutrition (American College of Holistic Nutrition, 1996)
PhD in Integrative Medicine (Capital University of Integrative Medicine, 2001)
Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (Pan Am Institute, 2007)
Commissioned Doctor of Pastoral Medicine (2009)
SMOKH Certified & Licensed Minister (2009)
Functional Nutrition Counselor (Functional Nutrition Alliance, 2022)

Katy Hospital, Katy, TX (1983-84)
Parkway Hospital, Houston,TX (1985-86)

Clinical Experience
20 years in private practice dental hygiene (pedodontics and general dentistry)
6 years EMS 911 (Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Services)
6 years EMS 911 (Cypress Creek EMS)
4 years International Flight Air Medic for AIAS
12 years private practice (Holistic/Integrative)
12 years Volunteer Fire Department (Fulshear Fire Department)
10 years private practice Doctor of Integrative Medicine

Certifications & Accreditations
Registered Dental Hygienist (Texas)
Licensed Paramedic (Texas)
National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
Electrodermal Screening
CAVITAT Bone Density Imaging
Board Certified Naturopath, American Naturopathic Certification Exam (1998)
Certified Traditional Naturopath, American Naturopathic Certification Board (1998)
Registered Naturopath, District of Columbia (1999-2010)
Doctor of Integrative Medicine
Doctor of Natural Medicine
Digital Pulse Analyzer certified
Certification in Heart Rate Variability
Certified in Carotid Intima Media Testing
Certification in Interactive Mertronome
Advanced Cardiac Life Support (not current)
Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor (not current)
Basic Trauma Life Support (not current)
Certified Clinical Thermographer
CPR Instructor Trainer
Private pilot, single engine rating
Padi scuba diving

State Appointments
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners- 1982

Board Positions
International Health Technologies

Capital University of Integrative Medicine, Faculty
Academy of Bioenergetics, Faculty
Continuing Education University, Faculty
American Heart Association, Affiliate Faculty
Institute of Natural Dentistry, Instructor

Professional Associations
American Naturopathic Certification Board
International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine
American College of Clinical Thermology
Pastoral Medical Association
Sovereign Medical Order of the Knights of Hope

Professional Activities
Research: Bioenergetics
Research: Blood Clotting Disorders & Nattokinase
Research: Root Canals, Cavitations, & Toxic Effects on Body
Research: Thermography & the relationship of root canals to the immume system & breast cancer
Research: Double blind placebo on Quantum physics and foot baths using EDS as a monitoring means
Teaching: Vibrational Medicine, electrodermal screening & applications of Biological Dentistry
Leadership: Executive Director for the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (2005 – present)

Let the Tooth Be Known (book)
“Bioenergetics.” Carolina Health and Healing, 8 (2001)
“Regeneration of Amputation Using Silverlon.” Carolina Health and Healing, 7 (2001)
“Nattokinase.” DAMS newsletter (2003)

Media Appearances
Debra Duncan Show (ABC): “Let the Tooth Be Known,” “Modern Day Medical Miracles”
Gerry Cornejo Show (Philippines, 2015)
Extreme Health Radio (Internet): “The Dangers Of Mercury Fillings & How Oral Health Is Connected to Your Overall Health
Debra Duncan Show, ABC-13, Houston TX: “Let the Tooth Be Known” & “Modern Day Medical Miracles”)
Root Cause (2018)
Wise Traditions Podcast (August 2022)
GHWC TV: “Dentistry & Wellness” (March 2023)
GHWC TV: “Safe Amalgam Removal” (March 2023)
GHWC TV: “Root Canals & Health” (June 2023)

Online Lectures & Webinars
“Silver Solutions” & “Tooth Truth.” Deseret Biologicals
“Silver Solutions” & “Tattle Teeth.” Online CEU courses
“Oral Obstacles to Optimal Health”
“All About Silver.” (March 27, 2020)
“Meridians: The Tooth-Body Connection.” (April 1, 2020)
“Is It Possible to Have a Healthy Root Canal?” (April 8, 2020)
“Dental Homeopathy: The Basics.” KT Seminars (September 4, 2020)
“Bloodwork Made Easy for Dentists.” KT Seminars (December 7, 2020)

Lectures & Presentations

MSA for DummiesHollywood, CAMay 1999
Cavitations and EDSBioMeridian Conference, Mesa, AZSeptember 1999
Dental Compatibility Testing: Identifying and Understanding CavitationsBioMeridian Conference, Park City, UTSeptember 1999
Introduction to Electrodermal ScreeningAbundant Life, Austin, TXSeptember 1999
Applications of EDS in DentistryHouston, TXJanuary 2000
Tooth/Body ConnectionsEnergetix Lyceum, Atlanta, GAMay 2000
MSA for DummiesHouston, TXMarch 2000
BTA and Peridontal Tooth/Body ConnectionsBioMeridian International Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTSeptember 2000
MSA Point by PointBioMeridian National Seminar Series, Chicago, ILOctober 2000
MSA Point by PointBioMeridian National Seminar Series, Atlanta, CANovember 2000
Dental Applications of EDSAcademy of Bioenergetics, Springfield, MONovember 2000
Use of Electrodermal Screening in DentistryInstitute of Natural Dentistry, Newark, NJMarch 2001
Dental Applications of EDSAcademy of Bioenergetics, Springfield, MOApril 2001
Use of Proteolytics and Nattokinase in Ischemic Jaws and OsteonecrosisCavitat conference, Aurora, COJanuary 2003
Diabetes and the Dental PatientHouston Northwest Medical HospitalAugust 2004
Tooth/Body ConnectionWONMPJune 2006
Bioenergetics in DentistryIABDM Annual Meeting, Tempe, AZFebruary 2007
The Tooth/Body Connection and How Teeth Can Affect Your HealthWorld Organization of Natural Health Conference, Nassau, BahamasJune 2007
Tooth/Body ConnectionThe Woodlands Health Expo, The Woodlands, TXOctober 2007
Periodontal Disease and HealthNebraska State Dental ConventionApril 2008
A Comprehensive Approach to Detoxification and DrainageHeel- Inc., Houston, TXAugust 2008
Tooth Health/Body HealthHolistic Nurses Association, Houston, TXMay 2010
Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?Alternative Cancer Conference, Reno, NVFebruary 2014
Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?Weston A. Price Foundation, Houston, TXMarch 2014
The Dental ConnectionOrlando, FLSeptember 2014
Biological Dental HygieneCalgary Hygiene Group, Calgary, ABSeptember 2014
Presentation of Three CasesIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTNovember 2014
What You Need to Know as a Biological Dental HygienistHouston, TXJanuary 2015
What You Need to Know in a Biological OfficeHouston, TXFebruary 2015
Safe Mercury Removal and The Dangers of Root CanalsPhilippine Dental Association, Manila, PhilippinesMay 2015
Biological DentistryPhilippines Medical School, Manila, PhilippinesMay 2015
What You Need to Know in a Biological OfficeHouston, TXJune 2015
MTHFR and DentistrySpectraCell, The Woodlands, TXAugust 2015
Balancing the PointsIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTNovember 2015
Dental BurdensIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UT2016
What Makes a Biological Office?IAOMT Spring Meeting, Puerto Rico2016
Starting the EAV Learning ProcessHouston, TXMarch 2017
Staff Biological Dentistry 101Houston, TXJune 2017
Everything EDS and DentalHouston, TXJuly 2017
What Makes a Biological Office?IAOMT Fall Meeting, Reno, NV2017
Using MSA for TeethIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTOctober 2017
Biological Dentistry 101IABDM Annual Meeting, Houston, TXOctober 2017
Biological Dentistry 101Houston, TXJanuary 2018
Biological Dentistry 101Boise Idaho Dental Group, Boise, IDMarch 2018
Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?Lyme Support Group, Houston, TXJune 2018
Alternative Medical Conference, St. Louis, MOAugust 2018
The Science of EAVIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTOctober 2018
Using Ozone in the Dental OfficeHouston, TXNovember 2018
Biological Dentistry 101Houston, TXFebruary 2019
Biological Dentistry 101Houston, TXMarch 2019
Beginners EAV for DentistryHouston, TXMay 2019
Biological Dentistry 101Houston, TXJune 2019
CPR & Emergencies in a Dental OfficeHouston, TXJuly 2019
Homeopathy for the Dental OfficeHouston, TXJuly 2019
Women who Rock the DrillCancun, MexicoAugust 2019
Dental Uses of EAVAlternative Medical Conference, St. Louis, MOAugust 2019
What Is a Meridian?IAOMT Fall Meeting, Boston, MASeptember 2019
Using the Ivory SoftwareIHT Users Conference, Salt Lake City, UTOctober 2019
What Is Biological Dentistry? & Homeopathy in DentistryAAOSH Virtual ConferenceAugust 2020
The Art of Language & People SkillsIABDM Cancun Retreat, Cancun, MexicoMay 2021
EAV in Dental ApplicationsSimon Yu's AMA Training, St. Louis, MOAugust 2021
Boomerang: How to Refer PatientsKaty, TXJanuary 2022
EAV in DentistrySimon Yu's AMA Training, St. Louis, MOApril 2022
Thermography in DentistryThe Dental Festival, Nashville, TNJuly 2022
EAV in DentistryIAOMT Fall Meeting, Phoenix, AZSeptember 2022
Microscopy in DentistryKT SeminarsMarch 2023
Dental NutritionKT SeminarsMarch 2023
Microscopy & PerioDental Wellness InstituteAugust 2023
Nutrition & DentistryDental Wellness InstituteAugust 2023