Important Hygiene & Immunity Boosting Tips for Patients

  • Everclear grain alcohol is a great disinfectant, both for your hands and for wiping down surfaces. Be aware, though, that it will dry out your hands, so if you use it on your skin, consider applying hand lotion a couple times a day. Olive oil or ozonated oils can also be used to soften your skin.

  • Keep up your vitamin C intake. You may take this up to the level of bowel tolerance – 500 mg every hour, on the hour; or 1000 mg of lipospheric C three times a day.

  • Also get your vitamin D. Before antibiotics, cod liver oil – a rich source of this nutrient – was actually the standard of care.

  • Homeopathics such as oscillococcinum may be helpful.

  • Every individual is unique. Your healthcare providers know you better than anyone. Make sure the vitamins and supplements that were determined based on your last blood work do NOT run out. We can always mail supplements to you so you don’t have to venture out to get them yourself. Just give us a call or message us.