From Water: The Ultimate Cure

By Steve Meyerowitz

Dehydration impacts primary functions of the body that ultimately render it weaker and susceptible to diseases and cancer. Toxic wastes can build up in the body when dehydration exists, affecting asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, lupus, diabetes, chronic fatigue, viral diseases, and muscle pains.

Water improves oxygen delivery to cells, transportation of nutrients, cellular hydration and flushes toxins from the body before they can do their damage or be reabsorbed.

Your body is approximately 67% water by weight. A drop in as little as 2% of your water will cause fatigue, 10% can cause significant health problems.

A rule of thumb is to drink ½ ounce water for every pound you weigh. A 150 lb person should drink 75 ounces, or approximately 2.5 quarts. Drink at regular intervals throughout the day. Too much water during a meal dilutes your digestive enzymes. Avoid beverages that rob the body of water such as coffee, tea, soda or alcohol. Avoid ice water as it interferes with the stomach secreting enzymes.

Current EPA guidelines allow for acceptable levels of chlorine, lead, arsenic and aluminum in our water. Crytosporidium, Giardia lamblia and E. Coli are linked to water. Many cities have pesticides, herbicides in the water. Lead plumbing in a home can increase lead levels in water.
Mineral water comes from deep underground springs or artesian wells. Some bottlers treat their water with ozone, deionization, carbon filters and ultraviolet light. Some states have no regulations for bottled water. One of the oldest and best known American mineral waters is Mountain Valley, which is forced up through a bed of marble in the remote valley of Hot Springs, Arkansas. So deep is the Hot Springs, that chemical assays of its mineral content have remained virtually unchanged for the last 60 years. Here in Houston the contact number for Mt Valley is 713-937-8630. The world’s deepest source for bottled spring water is Trinity Springs.
Non-source bottled water Aquafina/Pepsi, Coke makes Dansani by using filters ozone and ultraviolet. LeBleu, Nascar premium and Le Glaceau are distilled. If you drink distilled water, add a little electrolyte solution to it. Another option would be adding a few grains of organic rice which will add minerals to the water.

Glass containers are best If you must use plastic look for a #1 in the triangle on the bottom.
Write your water company source and ask for a chemical assay of their water. You may find unwanted halides and pesticides.

Filters that are charcoal should be replaced frequently- every few weeks- because they bread bacteria, yeasts and molds.