The Tooth/Body Connection

Remember the children’s song “the shin bone’s connected to the knee bone”? Well, what if I told you your wisdom teeth have an energetic connection to your heart?

Thousands of years ago, the Chinese discovered that the human body was flowing with an energy they called Qi (pronounced “chi”). They also found ways to measure Qi and mapped out the network of pathways on which it flowed. These pathways are called meridians.

The flow of Qi is essential to good health. In a healthy body, it flows smoothly. If that flow is disturbed, disease may result. You can think of it like breathing, where air flows in and out smoothly when you’re healthy, but if that flow is disturbed, disease or death may follow.

The meridians connect particular organs together to create balance. Every yin organ is paired with a yang organ – liver with gall bladder, lungs with large intestine, kidney with bladder, stomach with spleen, heart with small intestine, and so on. The meridians likewise connect each tooth to specific organs.

Our Bodies Are Electric!

Though the energy flowing along these meridians through the body is invisible, it is not imaginary. (Think of the invisible electricity measured in heart and brain tissue by EKGs and EEGs!) A disruption to the flow of this energy is a bit like blowing a circuit breaker. A lamp in the bedroom goes out, along with the washer in the laundry room and dishwasher in the kitchen. Everything on that circuit goes out, while appliances on other circuits go right on functioning.

And how do you fix it? You correct the flow of electricity on the affected circuit.

Reinhold Voll was a German physician who, in the mid-20th century, found a new way to measure the flow of energy on the meridians. His continued research led him to believe that 80% of Qi disturbances are found in the oral cavity.

I use the equipment Dr. Voll developed to measure the burdens of dead teeth, extraction sites and dental restorations on the body. Did you know that a gold crown placed on the mandibular 6- or 12-year molars can elevate blood pressure in some people?

Your average physician rarely asks about your dental status before writing a prescription or providing other treatment. They’re unaware that a root canal can block the flow of Qi completely and trigger disease in other organs on that same meridian. They don’t investigate how energetic disturbance around a vital organ may cause a toothache or spontaneous abscess where that meridian passes through the mouth.

I teach physicians to pay attention to the mouth. If the patient is not responding to conventional therapy, start looking for a root cause. There are ways to test the burdens of the individual teeth and extractions sites, and find out if the patient’s mouth is making them sick.

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